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About the site

The idea for this site started in 2013, when a friend was trying to go back and retag her old Tumblr posts. Without a way to easily see all her untagged posts, it was impossible for her to be sure that she was done. I wrote her a Python script to get the job done, and that was that.

In 2014, I was getting a lot of hits to that script, but a Python script isn’t very user friendly. I wrote this site to be an easier way to get a list of your untagged posts, because clearly it was something people wanted.

The app is implemented in JavaScript, and the source code is on GitHub. The code is released under the MIT license. The site is hosted with GitHub Pages.

About me

Hi, I’m Alex! I’d include a picture, but I’m photo shy.

I’m a software developer. In my day job, I work on Project Calico for Metaswitch Networks. By night, I blog about programming – among other things – at (although the posting schedule is quite sporadic). My blog includes scripts like this one – small things that I find useful or interesting.

Shockingly, for somebody who makes a site about Tumblr, I spend a lot of free time on Tumblr. Look for alexwlchan, but don’t expect much in the way of posts – I’m more of a lurker.