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Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics to record information about visitors to the site (you). It installs a cookie to record basic tracking data. This data includes:

I only record the data for personal interest. I don”t sell it or give it to third parties.

You can read How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps for Google's policies about the use of Google Analytics data. Long term, I”d like to move away from Google Analytics to a self-hosted solution, so that I”d be the only person who sees this data – but I haven't got around to that yet.

If you’re uncomfortable with this tracking, Google provides a browser plugin to opt-out of all Google Analytics tracking. If you install that, then I don't receive any data about your browsing session. This will not impair your ability to use the site.


I can see which URLs people are searching for on that site, but that’s all. (This is a recent change – until August 2015, it was impossible for me to see even that.)

All the information the site provides is publically accessible, and all the processing happens in your browser. Aside from the URL, nothing about your Tumblr account gets sent back to me.